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Anatomy Art Project:

Exploring Anatomy in Every Day Life

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The blog takes you day-by-day through the process of the Anatomy Art Project, including how we created this website, our blog posts, and challenges we encountered along the way.


About this project: Since 2015, Dr. Anya Goldina has offered students in Biology 201 and 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology the unique opportunity to earn extra credit by creating artwork centered around systems and organs discussed in the class. Hundreds of pieces of art later, her students have demonstrated the continual presence of anatomy in everyday life through their projects. The artwork, displayed in Fall of 2019 in the Lyet Gallery of Elizabethtown College, allows students and community members to learn about anatomy in a hands-on capacity. Student researchers Rebecca Kruse and Aubrey Mitchell created this website to digitally showcase the artwork, provide educational resources for students and educators, and inspire learning in others. This project lays the foundation for continuous digitization of future art projects, and will serve as an important resource for science teachers and the community.

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